How to Wear a Menswear Inspired Blazer

Flashback to 5th grade and you would see me out shopping with my mom and pulling out button downs, pinstripes and sleek flats. Definitely not typical 5th grade attire. We would always look at each other and repeat our manta “not old enough yet”. Ever since I can remember I’ve always been drawn to menswear fashion. Theres something so elegant and easy about just throwing on a white button down. As an adult, I have completely embraced menswear with open arms. Much to the chagrin of my boyfriend who consistently says “I dress like a boy”, I am so happy menswear is so fashion forward at the moment. This blazer happens to be my new best friend.

A blazer is such an easy look to pull off but may feel daring for some. I love this one from Zara because the shell is made from a linen material so it feels less office-appropriate and is super lightweight. The cut is oversized and swings on the bottom, giving it a slightly girly element. I chose to style it with a simple T shirt and jeans. Such an easy weekend look! This blazer is so versatile, it looks just as good with joggers and sneakers as it does with nicer tops and boots or heels.

If your nervous about embracing menswear here are a few tips…

Start out slow

Pick one piece to build off of, whether thats a button down or shoes and go from there. Once you start embracing small pieces incorporating larger trends will be no problem.

It’s all about fit

When something fits well, you feel more confident in it. Make sure the pieces you get fit well and feel comfortable which will make it all the more easy to rock it.

Forget about what others say

I actually had several people tell me they DIDN’T originally like this blazer on me. When I tried it on at Zara though, I knew this was a winner. I felt amazing in it and instantly pictured several things in my closet I could wear it with. Menswear can be such a niche fashion trend that it may not sit well with some. Rely on your blogger or celebrity inspiration, and trust your instincts!

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